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Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Treatments

You no longer have to feel the burn. We understand the pain you feel because we've been there. Quickly treat your urinary tract infection (UTI) and return to life.

Sulfamethoxazole Trimethoprim DS (Generic Bactrim®)

This FDA-approved antibiotic works well to treat a urinary tract infection by eliminating the bacteria that causes it.

800 mg sulfamethoxazole and 160 mg trimethoprim by mouth every 12 hours for 3 days

Phenazopyridine (Generic Pyridium®)

Since antibiotics can take anywhere from hours to days to treat a UTI,  phenazopyridine is a pain medication taken alongside the antibiotics for immediate relief of UTI symptoms, including burning and frequency of urination.

100 mg and 200 mg (extra-strength dose) tablets 3x a day for two days max

Nitrofurantoin monohydrate

This FDA-approved antibiotic stops the growth of the bacteria that causes a UTI within a few days.

100 mg tablets 3x daily for 5 days


This FDA-approved second-line antibiotic is used when first-line options are not medically advised due to specific health reasons.

500 mg / 125 mg 2x daily for 7 days


This FDA-approved antibiotic is a preferred treatment if you have a complicated UTI or if you have drug resistance to other UTI medications.

250 mg 2x daily for 3 days
You no longer have to feel the burn. Pick up at your local pharmacy to quickly treat your urinary tract infection (UTI) and return to life.

Miconazole Vaginal Suppository (Generic Monistat®)

Miconazole is inserted vaginally to kill the fungus that causes yeast infections.

100 mg cream suppository

Fluconazole (Generic Diflucan®)

Fluconazole is an easy treatment taken once that replaces messy creams.

100 mg cream suppository 1x  daily for 7 days
FDA-approved yeast infection meds and relief are on the way. Choose between pharmacy pick up or free shipping to your door and ditch the itch.
Love Your Lashes

Eyelash Growth Treatment

Take your lashes to the next level with FDA-approved eyelash growth serum. You deserve to look and feel your best.

Minoxidil (Generic Rogaine®) for Women

Minoxidil is a well-known and effective FDA-approved treatment that may prolong the growth phase and shorten the shedding phase.


Spironolactone is a medication known as an aldosterone receptor antagonist, which treats hair loss caused by the overproduction of male hormones.
Let  your hair down and get back to being you again. In no time, you’ll gain back your hair and your confidence.
Eye Lash Growth Treatment

Bimatoprost Ophthalmic (Generic Latisse®)

Bimatoprost ophthalmic is the generic version of Latisse® with the same FDA-approved active ingredient, offered by Admired at a much lower cost.

Nightly applicator for top lashes for 16 weeks.
Take your lashes to the next level with FDA-approved eyelash growth serum. You deserve to look and feel your best.
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