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About Eyelash Growth Serum

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What is eyelash growth serum?
The first and only FDA-approved topical treatment that stimulates the growth of new eyelashes
Who is eyelash growth serum for?
It is most commonly used by men and women after the age of 40 years old, when eyelash thinning is most noticeable and beneficial for people with hypotrichosis.

A growth serum can be used to thicken, lengthen, and darken eyelashes.

What are the signs you could benefit from eyelash growth?
  • Seeking a more natural lash, even without mascara
  • Thinning and weak eyelashes that easily fall out
  • Damage from lash extensions or false eyelashes
  • Medical conditions
  • Not satisfied with over-the counter results
What causes unhealthy eyelashes?
  • Lack of basic eyelash care
  • Not washing makeup off daily
  • Glue from false eyelashes that are removed too quickly, pulling out natural lashes
  • Blepharitis, or inflammation of the eyelids
  • Madarosis, caused by Alopecia
  • Skin cancer
  • Chemotherapy
  • Heat from an eyelash curler that breaks down and weakens eyelash hair
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Admired eyelash growth serum

Eye Lash Growth Treatment

Bimatoprost Ophthalmic (Generic Latisse®)

Bimatoprost ophthalmic is the generic version of Latisse® with the same FDA-approved active ingredient, offered by Admired at a much lower cost.

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Is your eyelash treatment FDA-approved?
Yes, it was originally approved by the FDA in 2001 for glaucoma, however patients saw the side effect of thicker, longer, and darker lashes. In 2008, the FDA-approved the liquid for eyelash growth. To date, there are no other FDA-approved eyelash serums on the market.
How does bimatoprost work?
Bimatoprost uses your natural eyelashes to increase the growth cycle. It allows the eyelash to grow for a longer period of time before it falls out. Your eyelashes will be longer, stronger, thicker, and darker.
Why should I purchase from Admired instead of my local pharmacy?
While the medication is the same, when you choose Admired to treat your eyelashes, you will have a stress-free experience. No doctor's visits or waiting rooms, no insurance hassles, and your eyelash presription is quickly delivered to your door. Get back to being you again.
Do I need insurance to purchase medications?
With Admired, you do not need any form of insurance, which makes for a much easier path to get your eyelash growth serum. We create a more attainable and affordable option.
Does Admired keep my information confidential?

Yes. Please refer to our privacy policy to understand how we protect your privacy.

Are there any side effects of bimatoprost?
The eyelash growth serum  we offer is effective and, when prescribed under the supervision of a licensed healthcare provider, is safe and overall well-tolerated. Your health and well-being are very important to us. Our providers will thoroughly review your current medications and supplements to ensure our treatment is right for you. 

Slight redness and irritation of the eye is common. If you experience any problems with your vision, stop using the product and see a doctor right away. 

Can I wear contact lenses while using the growth serum?
You should remove contacts prior to applying the medication to the lash line but can be worn again 15 minutes after the application process.
How long does it take to see results?
Typically, results can be seen between 4-8 weeks when used daily. This is not an immediate fix like eyelash extensions or false eyelashes. With a little patience, your natural lashes will be amazing.
Can you use it on your eyebrows?
Bimatoprost is not FDA approved for eyebrow use but when applied, has been known to thicken that area.
What is your refund policy for eyelash growth treatment?
Your eyelash growth treatment package includes a consultation fee with a medical provider and the prescription cost at a bundled, discounted price. We want to make your wellness journey as affordable as possible.

If a medical provider denies your eyelash growth treatment, we will refund the cost of the medication. Please note consultation fees are non-refundable.

The patient experience we are providing is very important to me. No jumping through hoops, just evidence-based FDA-approved medication and the most effective treatments that are legally and medically sound. I am excited to help others feel good about themselves without feeling embarrassed or ashamed of what is medically happening to their bodies.

The experience we are providing to our members is significant to me. No jumping through hoops, just evidence-based FDA-approved prescriptions, the most effective treatments, and support. I am excited to help others feel good about themselves, regardless of their condition.
Dr. Rena Mehta, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Admired
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