Jun 02, 2023

How Online Prescription Services Ensure Safe and Secure Delivery of Medications

At Admired, we understand that patients take the security of their personal and health information very seriously. We take many steps to ensure that your health information stays safe and secure.  Your prescription will be issued by a U.S.-based licensed health care provider and filled by a licensed pharmacist here in the United States. If you have any questions about your prescription, your healthcare provider will be able to review your concerns and provide you with an answer to your questions.

Our website is a secure platform that uses proper encryption and data protection to ensure that all your health information remains private. Both our website and our pharmacy treat your information with the utmost confidentiality. Our pharmacy has strict policies in place that protect your privacy. Our pharmacy also complies with all local and federal laws that regulate the sale and distribution of prescription medications. 

We have a secure payment processing system that protects all your information. We use an encryption system that protects your personal information including health information, credit card information and your shipping information. This encrypted information is transmitted securely through our payment gateway that communicates with your bank to process the payment and initiates the process led by our pharmacy team of preparing and shipping your prescription. We use multiple layers of encryption and the strongest of security measures to keep the entire process secure and ensure that you’ll remain confident in your purchase with Admired.

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